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Ecology and safety

Occupational Safety and Health

he UPNK-PV LLP plans and pays great attention to the safety of workers at the enterprise. The main direction of labor protection is the preventive and technical means necessary for the safe performance of work. In July 2015, a department of labor protection and the environment is created. After the creation of the OT and E department, labor protection prophylaxis is carried out in accordance with the "OSH Management System" (OSH).

The main functions of the system are:

The main tasks of the system:

Along with compliance with state regulatory legal acts, the company set as its goal to comply with international labor safety requirements, namely, successful certification examination in accordance with the integrated enterprise management system to international standards: ISO 9001: 2008 (quality management system), ISO 14001: 2004 (management system environment), OHSAS 18001: 2007 (health and safety management system). In order to increase the efficiency of accident prevention and industrial injuries of workers, hazard identification and assessment were carried out at the enterprise, and measures were taken to reduce significant risks. Also, one of the directions in the professional safety management system of UPNK-PV LLP is the special requirements imposed by the enterprise on contractors to ensure compliance with safety and labor protection rules, industrial safety.

In December 2013, additional standards were developed for providing employees of the enterprise with special clothing, special footwear, and personal protective equipment in accordance with industry standards for the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The following additions are provided in the Standards:


Industrial Safety

In July 2015, a department of civil protection and fire safety is created for the safe operation of hazardous production facilities for the prevention of accidents and incidents, ensuring readiness for localization and eliminating their consequences.

The Department of Civil Protection and Fire Safety at UPNK-PV LLP has a multi-level character and is a combination of organizational, labor, material and financial resources aimed at implementing a set of measures to ensure the safe functioning of hazardous production facilities, and preventing accidents and incidents at these facilities and ensuring preparedness for the localization of accidents, incidents and the elimination of their consequences. incidents and their consequences.

The main direction of the Department of Civil Protection and Fire Safety at the enterprise is the implementation of continuous production control over compliance with industrial safety requirements by: