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About company


About the factory

UPNK-PV LLP is a domestic plant for the production of calcined petroleum coke. The plant was designed and built by the China International Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Engineering and Construction Company (NFC) with the involvement of foreign specialists. NFC has rich experience in the construction of large-scale projects, including in Kazakhstan.

Director of company





Objective of the project:

  • Meeting the needs of the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan with calcined petroleum coke.

  • Localization of aluminum production in the Republic of Kazakhstan, thereby increasing the industry's resilience to external factors.

  • Ensuring the release of high value-added products.

  • Release of export products.



Project implementation period:

  С 2011 по 2015 гг.

  Start of the first stage - Q3 2015

  Start of the 2nd stage - Q4 2015 year

Aubakirov Nagashbek Kapparovich

General Director



Raw materials

Crude oil coke of PNHZ LLP and other oil refineries - 280 thousand tons per year.

The main products of the plant are calcined petroleum coke. Also, electricity will be generated and gypsum will be produced as a by-product.

UPNK Products 1st stage 2nd turn
Calcined coke, thousand tons per year 102 205
Generated electricity, thousand kW * hour 48 000 72 000
  consumed 16 000 32 000
  excess 32 000 40 000
Gypsum, thousand tons per year 2 4

Product Feature

Name of production Designation ND Name of brand (grade)
Calcined petroleum coke СТ ТОО 111240008552-005-2015 KPS-1